12. Day 21: Heaven On Earth

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12. Day 21:  Heaven On Earth

I notice that I use the words thoughts and feelings interchangeably.  Are they the same thing in a different forms?

HS:  Dearest One,

Feelings are often thoughts you can’t hear or don’t/wont notice.  A feeling will alert you to awareness, the thought can then form more fully and translate into words of guidance, actions or stand-stillness.

Feelings, then, are pre-thought.  The more attuned you are to your feelings; notice, listen to, welcome and trust, the more quickly you are open to guidance and direction.  Surrendering to Feeling is not the same thing as being at the mercy of feelings.  Feelings, as do thoughts, move you always into your heart awareness if you let them.  This is the surrender; giving up separation and moving back into your whole heart awareness.  In doing this you fully open to all your power, to all the (infinite) qualities of love available to you.

This is the surrender; giving up separation and moving back into your whole heart awareness.

Do not worry about the infinite nature of love; love knows what it wants to do.  In you allowing and welcoming your higher self and purpose you are allowing and welcoming the highest Self and Purpose for all.

extend love until you are back to feeling totally you

Self + self = One

Trust the desires of your heart, they will lead you to the awareness and delight in your self and Self.  Only in this way; the loving surrender to the joining of self and Self as one will you be able to real-ize heaven on earth.

With self you have earth.

With Self you have Heaven.

With self joined-as-One with Self you have Heaven on earth.

Jesus said it this way:  “On earth as it is in Heaven.”

Here you can create, delight, notice, give, help, and serve your Self by loving, serving, noticing and welcoming your self. Here is the marriage of Christ to His Bride.  Bhudda and his peace.  Hafiz and his Beloved.  The Dahli Lama and his loving-kindness.

Here is where your real story begins.  In the beginning there was “Eva” and her Beloved Holy Spirit.  Now there is only One.  All parts are still present, usable, perfect and delighted in.  Your voice is my Voice.  My Voice is your voice.

All that matters is Love will be heard, known, tasted and received.

In this Loving are we made One.

Tedelesti & Amen.


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