12. Day 20: Do You Feel An Opening?

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12. Day 20: Do You Feel An Opening?

I asked Holy Spirit about extending love to the fear of feelings and was beginning to wonder if I was making any progress at all.

Me:  Am I even dealing with feeling in love this month?  Am I even extending love to my own feelings?

HS:  You are accepting in peace the feelings all around you.  In doing this you remain open in welcome to your own feelings.  They are guiding you into the experience of peace and delight you desire. Tired, relaxed, open, questioning, fearful, doubtful, present—these are all feelings.

What is it you think you are looking for?

Me:  Well, a physical manifestation of feeling like the tingling I am feeling now.

HS:  Do you feel an opening in yourself?

Me:  Yes, I thought it was detox.

HS:  The detox is only clearing the blocks to your awareness of the feeling of the presence of love.

I am with you, in you, for you in all things.  You cannot choose wrong, you may choose slow, small, pain or forgetfulness but it is never wrong.  All things are designed to move you back into your self and awareness, when you are red for that reveal.

Fear not, I am with you.

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