12. Day 19: What?! If…….

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12. Day 19:  What?!  If…….

In the middle of  my prayers and affirmations for my time at the Spiritual Writers Conference in Chicago I felt (rather than heard) a ripple of trepidation.  Then I heard this timid gathering of thoughts insisting I listen to the “What if’s?”  (I imagine these to be the students gathering around a teacher’s desk reminding her she promised to let them out early if they were good and quiet.)  To be honest, I didn’t really want to take the time to hear these “negative” thoughts of limitation and fear.  But, since I did commit to noticing and extending love to my feelings this month (and my thoughts etc for the past twelve months) I kind of had to listen.  So here they are in all their lack of glory:

“What if my heart isn’t enough?”

“What if publication requires a savvy and smarts I simply don’t have?”

“What if it turns out I actually have zero talent and absolutely no hope inspiring others in any way?”

Tennessee stream

What?! If this is my perfect path, I’d better step lively.

My final “what if”” trailed off in a way that I knew I didn’t even believe these thoughts but that they must be recognized nevertheless.  Just then a whole new take on “what if?” came forth.  This time a “what if” I could believe.

HS:  What?!  If you love this process of publishing as much as you did writing, then you are on your way to Heaven 2.0.

What?!  If you keep breathing, loving, noticing, being your true self, you will have already won the prize.

What?! If you made the sort of connections and joining in your heart with your brother that  people only dream of,  you’d would be home and know it.

What?! If you learned a new color or quality of Love yet not revealed in your heart and being that would alter the course of your experience of life utterly and completely.

garden stairs

I am always on the path of Love.

What?!  If this trip (to the Writers Conference) was but the beginning of your true work as my Voice in the world and you felt alive and powerful, a two edged sword of peace and joy, able to swiftly cut the imaginary veil of fear clouding the heart in a way that makes it possible for others to find the peace that is already present.

What?!  If you are always in the right place at the right time, no matter what and you knew that I AM always working on your behalf in all things–all thoughts, all circumstances, all events and all feelings.

All things lead to an awareness of truth; and the truth is, you are peace, joy, power, strength, delight, savvy love in a smart heart gifted with the very talents and fears that will most likely bring you to fruition at exactly the perfect moment:   Now.




  1. Thank you for using one of my garden paths as an illustration. I love your beautiful and thoughtfully intertwined photographs. My garden paths reminds me of where my happiness lies – at home with my loved ones, right here. Much love. As always.

    • Dear Friend, I am glad you approve! It is just the feeling of joy and warmth and love I felt surrounding this path and yard and kitchen that made it the perfect “path” photo. Love you lots! xoxo

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