11. Day 9: What I Learned About Success From My Landscaper

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11. Day 9:  What I Learned About Success From My Landscaper

I learned a great lesson about success from Fransisco, the landscaper and drain guru who is working to solve a big drainage issue we are having.  For the last couple of years (maybe longer) when it rains we have a little water seep into our guesthouse between the low foundation of a small bathroom added on in the sixty’s and the main concrete slab of the guesthouse itself.  In the beginning it was just enough to put a towel down to soak up, as if you had spilled a glass of water.  Over time it very gradually got worse.  But then we hadn’t had rain of any size for that same couple of years so how would we know.

Then last December while we were in England a huge storm came and showed us all just how wrong we were.  Water poured in and covered 2/3rd’s of the room soaking carpets, furnishings and threatening our main work computers.  Our daughter handled it all with guts and quick thinking to keep the damage at a minimum.  A back burner problem which was just mildly annoying had just moved itself to the front burner with flourish.  Immediately a contractor was called to help solve the issue, while it was still raining.  Short term solutions were devised but then the whole thing had to wait until we returned home.  Now that we are home we have talked to severel experts and devised a plan.  The plan which included regrading part of the garden, installing a drain connected to the street and 25-30 yards of digging was put to the test yesterday with a steady downpour.   If this were a test you give a grade for I’d say the work got about a “C-“.  Not nearly as much water came into the guesthouse.  Nothing was harmed or ruined (we did move carpets out of the way as a precaution) and only a half a dozen towels were needed to stem the leak.  Still, water in the house is not considered success.  I got to witness first hand how much failure automatically seems final and pervasive to me.  I wilted inside, even as I was on my hands and knees sopping up water.  I dashed a note off to Fransisco on my phone explaining and to “Please call Monday!!”.

peace & calm

His attitude of relaxed calm was a balm to our concerns.

Fransisco was at the front door in 3o minutes, totally calm and fully relaxed.  “I have to see this right now while the water is running.” he said and proceeded to look, dig a little then say “I now know what I need to do.  I will add a french drain here in the worst corner and then we must also replace the pipe from the fence to the street.” (another 30-40 yrds of digging).  He was not ruffled, threatened or even annoyed.  This was just one step closer to fully solving the problem.  His calm, relaxed mode gave us all the “pep talk” we needed to be assured resolution was still underway.

I forget what an “all or nothing” kind of person I am until something like this happens.  I only allowed that if I found an expert then he would know what to do and then do it.  I never allow for the obvious fact that even the expert must try and fail and try and fail in order to finally arrive at success.  They just do it quicker without as much mess and the real value of the expert:  the expert simply knows (for sure) it can be done.  That is the real reason you hire an expert, not because they know more than you do, that goes without saying.  The real reason an expert is worth his or her weight in gold is they know the problem can be solved and will continue to work until the problem is solved. That is how they became an expert in the first place.

Success is about becoming an expert in working at a problem until it is solved not until you are tired, bored, overwhelmed, or out of cash.

Success keeps looking, keeps thinking, keeps trying, keeps on keeping on…..until the problem is solved or no longer is a problem.

Success does not take failure personally in any way.

Ok, this is why I fear success.  I take everything personally.  It is that very reason I have had to practice (daily and for years) giving all my problems  (and thoughts and fears) to God and going within to hear His Heart, which speaks to me within my own.  No wonder I’ve had to practice extending love to my fear of success.

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