11. Day 5: The Wealth You Seek

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11. Day 5:  The Wealth You Seek

Yesterday I was feeling rather stumped by this month of extending love to success.  I feel it doing a work within me that I cannot actually see yet.  I feel this will bubble up into some form of action or practice but right now I am content with just being in the presence of my thoughts about success without ignoring, organizing or fleeing.  This morning this thought came to me:

The fear that chose me will know what to do; I need but abide in the Love that I AM.

I sat for a long time in meditation just enjoying the presence of quiet and spaciousness within me.  My thoughts were blissfully quiet and Holy Spirit shared this yummy message.

HS:  You define success for yourself.

Each one defines success for themselves.

Success is a way of living, of greeting each day (even if it contains something called a failure) with grace, willingness, optimism of light and the wonder of life. The narrow definition of success is also true, just limited; define a goal and achieve it, receive accolades or honor, weath or position.  These, too, are already in your reach for you can create your days according to your desires.  You may give notice, awareness and honor to your process, life and heart by hearing and following your own guidance.

The wealth that you seek is already accessible to you; you must notice and receive what is already present in your life:

London gates

Let not your definition of success be limited.

each friend

each blessing

each material possession

your work & play

the place you live; town, country, planet earth

the weather that surrounds you

the political climate

your neighbors

your pets

your self

When and as you allow into your loving awareness with welcome, purpose and gratitude all that is already there, no matter how small or seemingly wretched, you begin to see also a spaciousness in which all other desires can be manifest.

Your life truly is your life.

The Life supports, guides and nourishes you.  Your life as you truly begins when you wake up and see as blessing all in your midst.




  1. Yes, this speaks to me. For the past few months I have tried to close each day by listing 10 “blessings” as a kind of thank you prayer. Some blessings are huge and general – a house almost renovated after nearly 7 years of major anxiety, costs and discomfort; a beloved first grandchild. Some are tiny – literally a delicious mouthful of something I ate today. I then go on to make 10 requests – but increasingly I am so upset by the state of the world that 5 at least are for peace, captives, children who suffer and animals too. 4 are for my children and 1 is usually for me. That I may better serve those I love.

    • This is so precious. Thank you for sharing the prayers and blessings of your heart. Sending BIG love to you today and always, xoxoxo

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