11. Day 26: 100 Reasons Why Feedback Is Love Too

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11. Day 26:  100 Reasons Why Feedback Is Love Too

Yesterday I wrote about a recent experience with some negative feedback I had received.  Getting negative feedback is as helpful as getting positive feedback but it often doesn’t feel like that at first.  Sometimes feedback makes you crazy or angry or hurt.  Sometimes it makes you want to run, flee or change your name.  I needed a list to help me remember when I am stuck in the deafening place of not remembering that love is present so I asked Holy Spirit to show me how feedback (all kinds) is love too.

100 Reasons Why Feedback Is Love Too

  1. The Universe is kind.
  2. I am actually asking for feedback.
  3. Feedback is simply information.
  4. Feedback is also a reflection.
  5. Feedback helps me see & notice myself.
  6. All feedback is a gift.
  7. Not all feedback is true.
  8. All feedback can be received without fear.
  9. Recognizing feedback as such helps make it useful.
  10. Feedback reminds me what I want.
  11. If feedback is painful it reminds me to extend love to my pain.
  12. If feedback is helpful I can move more deeply into my vision.
  13. If the feedback is not helpful I can release it with ease.
  14. Feedback is another way to look at my thoughts.
  15. I am getting feedback whether I ask for it or not.
  16. Asking for honesty in feedback leads to clarity.
  17. Feedback simply is looking for home.
  18. When I AM HOME I recognize this.
  19. Listening is an invitation of safety.
  20. Hearing is listening with willingness attached.
  21. Feedback is for my benefit in one way or another.
  22. Feedback tells me where I am.
  23. Feedback helps me NOTICE what I am doing/being/saying
  24. Feedback is an echo of presence.
  25. Listening for truth allows you to hear the truth.
  26. The truth is also kind.
  27. Feedback IS.
  28. The truth IS.
  29. I AM.
  30. GOD IS.
  31. There is nothing to fear in opening to what really IS.
  32. Consequences are feedback too.
  33. Energy follows energy.
  34. I am energy too.
  35. I can follow or lead as I desire.
  36. Feedback simply shows me what I am doing.
  37. When I know what I am doing; I am aware.
  38. When I am aware I can see.
  39. When I can see I can be clear.
  40. When I can be clear I know who I am.
  41. When I know who I am; I am at peace.
  42. When I am at peace I can extend peace.
  43. Feelings are feedback as well.
  44. When I welcome, notice, allow & embrace my feelings I am noticing, allowing & embracing myself.
  45. Feedback can lead me to my deeper, truer self.
  46. Feedback can be fun.
  47. Feedback can also tell me YOU ARE IN EXACTLY THE PERFECT PLACE.
  48. Feedback is a blessing if I receive it as such.
  49. Blessings bless because that is their purpose.
  50. Love always blesses.
  51. I can get to know the colors & flavors of feedback as I am getting to know the colors & flavors of Love.
  52. I can see patterns in feedback which can offer me new areas of awareness.
  53. New & fresh areas of awareness allow me to feel energized.
  54. I can let feedback energize me by continuing to be me.
  55. Feedback is a terrific tool.
  56. Feedback can tell you exactly how to use it if you will allow it.
  57. Questions & answers cannot be separated as image and reflection are not separated.
  58. I can be a feedback-loving machine.
  59. I give feedback all the time without even realizing it.
  60. Noticing the feedback I give helps me stay in integrity with myself.
  61. Consequences are feedback with a story.
  62. As I am, I create.
  63. Creation is its own feedback loop.
  64. Creation enjoys & uses feedback as guidance, nourishment & direction.
  65. I am creating y world daily.
  66. Feedback allows me to do this.
  67. I can hear the feedback within me if I listen.
  68. I am willing to let feedback speak to me in its own way; I need not fear this.
  69. I cannot use or even trust all feedback—I will go within & ask if I am unsure.
  70. Feedback is always a good opportunity to go within & listen.
  71. Going within can provide me with all the feedback I need if I am truly willing to listen.
  72. Allow feedback to deliver its message.
  73. The message is: Love this. Love now. Love always. Love again. Love here. Love completely. Love unconditionally.
  74. Unconditional love is the best feedback you can give.
  75. Unconditional love is returns you to your source.
  76. All feedback that says “you are not doing it right” reminds you to open to love again.
  77. All feedback that says “this is right, perfect & enough” reminds you who you really are.
  78. Feedback is my friend & colleague, my coworker, boss, servant & brother; I need not fear this.
  79. All feedback does not have to lead to immediate action; but it can lead to immediate gratitude for its offering.
  80. Listening & receiving feedback will move me towards my goal more quickly.
  81. Feedback can also help me formulate a goal if I don’t know what my goal is.
  82. A goal is another way to see.
  83. Goals are feedback too.
  84. How you choose your goal shows you if you are in awareness or not.
  85. A goal is looking in the distance but I do my seeing right here &n now.
  86. Feedback helps me notice how I am seeing right now.
  87. If I want feedback, feedback will want me back.
  88. I was made for feedback.
  89. Feedback was made for me.
  90. Together we create.
  91. Feedback is a tool of creation.
  92. I am always creating in this world.
  93. Creating comes from being.
  94. Being is.
  95. Being is happy being.
  96. Creation is happy creating.
  97. Feedback is happy feeding back.
  98. Love is happy loving.
  99. Love is not happy, not loving.
  100. Feedback tells me so.

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