11. Day 25: I Can Drop The “F”

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11. Day 25:  I Can Drop The “F”

Here is a new way to notice, receive and welcome all that is happening around you.  It is ALL feedback.  It is information of one kind or another that lets you know if you are on target.  The trick is, you get to set the target or goal.  If your goal is to be at peace, finish college, run to the end of the block or reorganize your office everything that happens around you can be considered feedback or a reflection of your intention or lack thereof.  If you are feeling peace, joy and love you are ON course; if you are feeling angst, misery and loneliness then you are OFF course.  It is not that angst or misery is wrong it is just that something is causing you to not notice/feel/accept the Presence of Love which is totally willing to guide you ever step if you but ask.

“To reach your goals more quickly, you need to welcome, receive, & embrace all the feedback that comes your way.”—-The Success Principles, by Jack Canfield p. 153

You might even look at your thoughts as a sort of feedback.  If you can get in the practice of extending love to all the feedback (thoughts, circumstances, events whether positive or negative) you will quickly return to your real self and your inherent ability to hear and follow the guidance system within.  You are actually made for success, you have an inbuilt radar that lets you know if you are ON course or OFF course in everything you do.



I haven’t always received feedback as information that lets me know I am ON course or OFF course.  I have oft received feedback as some kind of truth about me. Yesterday, I received some definite feedback that let me know I was OFF course in my spending habits.  In receiving this feedback I was hurt, embarrassed and annoyed.  I felt stupid and that I had let myself down by not noticing a harmful trend.  Because I had been extending love to the idea of feedback just days before and I thought I would try seeing this as just information presented to help me.  I quickly asked for Holy Spirit’s interpretation of this feedback.  I was given many specific thoughts, tasks and ideas that would be incredibly helpful in putting me back ON course.  I could now drop the “F” in OFF.

It wasn’t OFF course any more it was OF COURSE!

I can see that I have more practice to do with receiving all feedback as information that can potentially help me.  I can welcome it. Use it. Discard it. Notice it.  Then I can say “Thank You!” for  it gives me the opportunity to go within once more to consult my heart and its guidance.  This feedback is trying to tell me something if I will but listen.


  1. A valuable lesson!
    Thank you!!

    • I should get a t-shirt printed: “Learning To Love Feedback!”, lol. xoxo

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