11. Day 22: Editing As Spiritual Practice

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11. Day 22:  Editing As Spiritual Practice

I discovered during my new poetry class that I no longer fear the judgment of the editing process.  I still feel tentative in my editing however and would like to know more about this process and how to go about it without being mired in self doubt and overthink.  Is this possible or does the process just allow more to come up for healing?

HS:  Precious One,

“Come along with me, the best is yet to be.” These words from your own sundial are your reminder that you are just beginning in your quest to know your heart fully.  It is a life quest and one that will continue to fill you with joy, experience and revelation.  You are here, in this time, ready, willing, able to allow yourself to explore the editing process without fear.  The reason you may do this without fear is that fear will not be needed to awaken or guide you back into your heart.  You are already in your heart and may ask yourself at any time “What next?”  “How can I best say this?” “Is there a better way to communicate  this truth or moment?”  


As you are, so are your creations.

The purpose of all art and indeed all communication is to connect with the heart and self.  Thus lack of communication is failure to connect with the heart and self.  This connection to heart and self is the joining which welcomes the depth of your greater self to emerge.  You have long trusted the truth and concept of God/the Universe/Consciousness and this is perfect, holy and true.  What you are beginning to explore now is the living Word that lies within each one, which can be expressed in infinite ways.  It is this very expression that heals the thought that there was ever a split between God and His beloved creation. Continue to explore, write and edit; in, through, and by Love.  In this way you will listen, ask, welcome and trust that the healing and wholeness you have always sought is already fully present within and waiting, only to be shared.  Again, and again, and yet again.

Allow me to write with and through your heart even as we walk through your day and life.  It is time that you declare to yourself of your own creations “It is good.”  For indeed as you are so are your creations.


  1. Every day in every way we commune-icate better and better.

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