11. Day 19: Is My Spiritual Practice Enough?

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11. Day 19:  Is My Spiritual Practice Enough?

“Successful people exude self-confidence, ask for what they want and say what they don’t want.  They think anything is possible, take risks and celebrate their success.  They save a portion of their income, and share a portion with others.  These things don’t cost money, just intention.”—The Success Principles by Jack Canfield p.93

Ok, sure.  If you do and are all these things you will be successful.  My questions is this:  is success in the material/physical world possible with “just” extending glove to your thoughts, feeling the Holy Spirit,following your inner guidance,expressing the Love that I am as guided, celebrating and recognizing this?  This is my spiritual practice but is my spiritual practice actually going to be able to be the way I impact the world in my regular daily life?

HS:  Your daily, regular life is a holy one, a sacred space, an ever present opportunity to bless and be blessed. Do not downplay this joy and peace awareness and expression.

Love to fun

Can I follow Love into success in the physical/material world?

This is your real life, the opportunity in every moment to return and acknowledge the truth of who you are.

Me:  But can I for sure count on you to stop or guide me if I am doing something in this new step towards publishing that will take me away from the awareness of Love’s Presence?

HS:  Yes darling, this is called pain and suffering.  When you are expereincing pain with suffering you are not experiencing the awareness of Love’s Presence.  If pain can be experienced in welcome and peace and though it is still fully present, will not linger in suffering.  Give, always, your pain to me for safekeeping and I will tend your heart in the process.  Listen, always, to your heart and trust the guidance you find within, I am always there.

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