11. Day 16: Extending Love To Worry

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11. Day 16:  Extending Love To Worry

The other day I just woke up ready to cry.  My saddened, sodden pile of thoughts left me feeling damp, cold, heavy and unforgiving.  It took me a while to realize this feeling/thought cluster was worry.  Our prolonged trip and time of rest had nearly all but wiped worry from my radar; enough so as I didn’t recognize the feeling at first.  Now recognized, I saw the thoughts wanted to drag years of past responses and memories as the demonstration as to why worry was not only needed but the obvious best option.

I thought to myself, “Not this time.  Worry, you may stop right there, I do not need what you have to offer.  You do not enhance, enrich, guide nor inform me of joy, peace, happiness or strength.  Thanks for coming but I’m not buying it.  I don’t need your false modesty and confusion.”  It was, however, time to extend love.  Immediately.

I extend time to these thoughts.

The spacious wide expanse of plenty of and oodles of time; feel free to stretch, relax and notice time is your friend.

I extend presence to these thoughts.

I am the way, the truth, and the life; he that cometh unto me, yet shall he live.

I extend mindfulness to these thoughts.

Sometimes Love says NO.  No to worry, no to fear, no to a relationship, a job or a new dress.  Feel the loving power of NO.   A loving NO can remind and resolve you to bring your whole self.  You need not fritter your self or energy into strings of pellet fears; this is what worry is, an endless string of tiny fears that have forgotten the power of love.

Let these tiny fears know:  Love is enough.  Love is entirely enough.  Love guides, strengthens, clarifies so that you feel and remember your home, certainty and purpose.

I extend wholeness to this thought.

Me:  “What do you want worry?”

extend love until you are back to feeling totally you

Extend love until you are back to feeling totally your self.

Worry:  I want you to take me seriously.  I really feel this way.  I want you to take my feeling this way seriously; listen to me, hear me, don’t shush me.

Then tell me everything is going to be alright; or already is alright and that I have just forgotten.  Just don’t belittle, ignore me, or shut me down without hearing me first.

I proceeded to listen, really listen to the thoughts flying the colors of worry.  I realized that really, all that was happening was I was bringing some things to my attention that I hadn’t noticed in my hurry to stifle the feeling of worry. the thoughts were actually valid once my judgment of them faded.  These thoughts brought to mind an area at work that needed some fresh training and tlc and in the end, I was terribly grateful for the worries.  They had done their job.  In taking time to stay with the worry without giving into the overwhelming nature of worry I was able to stay with myself and came out with gratitude and a clear plan of action, rather than exhausted with repeated self judgments.


  1. Great! Ask what “worry” wants to tell me or bring to my attention.
    I once wrote a letter to “abandonment” and learned from the communication that I like myself, enjoy my own company, and am lovable no matter what person seems to leave what they think is me.
    With Spirit, I am never alone.
    I am grateful for the reminder to ask a good question instead of squelching an emotion.
    A great doorway to knowing myself more and more.

    • I read recently on a Yogi tea bag (HS can use anything to communicate truth;) “You cannot resist yourself and know yourself at the same time.” That IS what is happening isn’t it? We ARE getting to know ourselves!! Thanks always for the great thoughts and comments you share. Love and love some more……..xoxo

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