11. Day 11: Considerations, Fears & Roadblocks

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11. Day 11:  Considerations, Fears & Roadblocks

I read a great way to describe thoughts in Jack Canfield’s book yesterday.  He describes these things as just “part of the process of success”.  He says look out for these things, they will  happen: considerations, fears and roadblocks.

Considerations:  are thoughts that tell you that you can’t or shouldn’t do something.  It might look like “My wife’ll kill me”, “I don’t want to get up two hours earlier”  “It’s too hard”,  “My territory is maxed out”

Fears:  are feelings; fear of being rejected, lost, found stupid,  fear of failure, success, speaking in front of an audience

Roadblocks:  are purely external circumstances; you don’t have the money, the rules don’t allow it, the rain leaked in the office

I realized that everyone, of course, has considerations, fears and roadblocks every day.  I kind of gather them all up together and just call them thoughts (thoughts being anything you are aware of internally or externally).  So, if everyone has these considerations, fears and roadblocks what make successful people different?  Successful people just keep listening to and following their heart anyway.

So often, others look at a success story and secretly think “It’s easy for you” or “Sure, you are successful; you have that personality (or talent or family), I don’t have any of those.”  One of the things my husband teaches in a talk he gives called “10 Things Rich People Do” based on the book by Thomas Corley is that rich/successful people are not better looking, more talented or different than you or I, they just keep going no matter what.  The truth is, sh** happens, even to successful people.  They just don’t, as a rule, think it is the truth about them.

The truth is, sh** happens, even to successful people. They just don’t, as a rule, think it is the truth about them.

You could say that “successful people learn to extend love to what is in front of them; thoughts, circumstances, events; all of it.”  So maybe I have been practicing success all along, I am now just beginning to notice it.  It is a life changer to begin practicing extending love to everything.  Not just if I feel like it or on Sundays or when I am meditating but all of the time.  I am learning to respond to life, therefore create my own experience through extending love to everything.  If I continue extending love to how I feel, what is happening (or not  happening) to my thoughts, fears and bank account I just might end of being one of those “successful people” the books talk about just because I have decided it is way easier (more peaceful, fun and a way to stand in integrity with my true self) to respond to life in and through love than fear.



  1. Wow — how clear can you get?! This one is a keeper, for sure!
    I hope to share this with others, too.
    In Love and Gratitude,
    Jill, a Successful Child of God

    • Oh I LOVE how you signed: a Successful Child of God!!!! Amen & amen! xoxo

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