100 Reasons Why Love Is Enough

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100 Reasons Why Love Is Enough

This is a love letter to you my precious Ones.  Breathe in the truth about yourself today, the day we remind ourselves of Love in all forms. Perhaps read this aloud to your loved one, sweetheart, self, or the person sitting next to you on the plane. Be not afraid of the truth of your dear Self. Happy Valentine’s Day indeed.

100 Reasons Why Love Is Enough

  1. I am love.
  2. God is love.
  3. Love is God.
  4. I am Christ.
  5. Christ is God.
  6. I am God.
  7. Love is who & what & how I am.

    Only love is real.

    Only love is real.

  8. God is all-that-I-am.
  9. Christ is how I get to know all-that-I-am
  10. All of me is worth knowing.
  11. All of God is worth knowing.
  12. I have plenty of time—it’s called eternity.
  13. I have nothing to fear.
  14. This is why I can love my neighbor as myself.
  15. Loving all is not heresy.
  16. Loving my self is not heresy.
  17. Not loving is the (illusion of) heresy.
  18. Not loving will always lead to loving because I can’t help it—I am love.
  19. Not knowing who I am does not negate who I am.
  20. Knowing who I am just allows me to feel the power of who I am.
  21. Love has always existed.
  22. God has always existed.
  23. I am just waking up.
  24. I never realized that it is Love that makes everything possible.
  25. Love even makes the illusion of “not-love” possible.
  26. “Not-love” simply gives me the opportunity to fall in love all over again.
  27. Love is who I am.
  28. When I forget this, I feel annoyed, miserly, small & threatened.
  29. When I remember I am Love, I feel open, spacious, inclusive & free.
  30. All roads lead to Love because love is all there is.
  31. Misery, loss, pain & death are all experiences of ”not-love”, therefore an attempt to negate, deny & dismiss who I am.
  32. This only works (apparently) for a little while then the truth of who I am returns to memory & awareness.
  33. Letting “not-love” reign a little while is an experiment I set up myself.
  34. I have always known Love is who I am.
  35. I have always known God is love.

    budding trees in tennessee

    Love is enough.

  36. Awakening to the eternal truth I am Love (& so are you) is what the world is for.
  37. It is the terrible experiences of “not-love” that, in fact, wake us up to the truth.
  38. The best way to weather an experience of “not-love” is to quickly notice how it feels.
  39. If “not-love” (aka annoyance, loss, rage, death, depression, uncertainty & overwhelm) does not feel good, choose to extend love in some quality, color or flavor.
  40. Love is infinite & always exists in holy relationship.
  41. If you find yourself experiencing “not-love” you have simply lost your awareness of that relationship.
  42. By extending a quality of love (awareness, unity, comfort, understanding, peace, joy, strength, oneness) you once more reestablish your awareness of your relationship to Love.
  43. As you are love, you also are reestablishing your relationship to your Self.
  44. Love is who you are.
  45. Loving is how you create.
  46. Creation is how you experience your Self.
  47. As you experience your Self, so you will experience your neighbor & brother.
  48. As you love your Self, you love your neighbor.
  49. As you love your neighbor, you love your Self.
  50. Love is the relationship you have with all.
  51. Christ is that Holy Relationship.

    I am a child of God.

    I am a child of Love.

  52. I am your beloved & your Self.
  53. You are my beloved & my Self.
  54. The time for experiencing “not-love” is ending.
  55. The time for experiencing Love is at hand.
  56. Love is the only way you can experience the truth about your Self.
  57. Love is enough.
  58. Love is always.
  59. Love is always enough.
  60. God is enough.
  61. God is always.
  62. God is always enough.
  63. You can feel God in any moment by turning within to know the truth of your Self.
  64. In this spacious place is the holy relationship set free.
  65. Being free to be your Self is what you yearn for.
  66. Dear One, this is always possible.
  67. Being free allows, invites & welcomes loving.
  68. Loving implies relationship.
  69. Relationship is what connects all that is.
  70. Loving connects you to all that is.
  71. Loving—extending love—to all that is awakens your true power within.
  72. “You will know them by their love.”
  73. This is still true.
  74. You will know your Self by your love too.
  75. Your Self is included in All-That-Is.
  76. All qualities of love possess the whole power of love.
  77. See the world as an expression of all the qualities of love and the qualities of “not-love”.
  78. Know that only love is real.

    .......even Mondays.

    I extend love to everything.

  79. Only love is the truth about you.
  80. Only love will empower your true Self.
  81. Only love will set you free.
  82. Love is enough.
  83. You are love.
  84. You are enough.
  85. I am enough.
  86. I am love.
  87. Where there is no awareness of love—sow love.
  88. When you feel lost—extend love.
  89. When you feel hurt—extend love.
  90. When you feel alone—extend love.
  91. Begin with loving your Self.
  92. In this way you will practice, remember & invite your awareness of love to return to you.
  93. Love is never lost, only forgotten.
  94. Let all things speak to you & answer in love.
  95. Let your Self remember who you truly are.
  96. Be not afraid, I am with you always & in all ways.
  97. Love is enough.
  98. God is love.
  99. I am love.
  100. Love is the truth about me. Love is who I am.




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