100 Reasons Why I Can Be (Am) Healthy

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100 Reasons Why I Can Be (Am) Healthy

After a few busy days last week I crawled into my coaching appointment barely able to breathe.  I noted that two busy days in a row put me right back where I was in the middle of December waking up in the middle of the night crying.  So. What gives? My coach looks at me with her gorgeous, blue, intuitive eyes and says “What about 90 day Program to Refresh-Restore-Renew-Reconnect?”  I sighed since I knew she was right on the money.  I somehow thought taking a few naps in January would do the trick.  As my dear coach said, “It took you an (epic) year to get to feeling this way…..it just may take a bit of time to recover and restore, can you admit to that?”  Umm. Yeah.  I guess I can.

Naturally I went straight to quiet time the next day and sat and asked Holy Spirit “How can I be healthy?”  HS answered in one of my favorite ways:  100 Reasons Why I Can Be (Am) Healthy.  Join me as I intentionally give awareness and tender loving care to my body for the next 90 days as Spirit leads. Amen and bring it on!

100 Reasons Why I Can Be (Am) Healthy

  1. I am in a state of grace.
  2. I have everything I need.
  3. Everything comes to me easily and without struggle.
  4. I am one with the Universe.

    How could I forget myself?

    How could I forget myself?

  5. I am love.
  6. I am whole.
  7. My wholeness leads me to my health.
  8. My body is in concert with my Spirit.
  9. I can have grace, wholeness & eternal time represented in my body.
  10. My body, a created form can reflect its creator.
  11. Extending love to my body is extending love to my thoughts.
  12. My body is formed/altered as a result of my thoughts.
  13. My body has nothing to fear.
  14. My body is a communication device.
  15. I need but listen to my body to hear what it needs.
  16. I have no reason to fear my body or my thoughts.
  17. My body is here to serve me.
  18. I am here to serve Love.
  19. Love is here to serve all.
  20. My body’s wholeness & health serves all.
  21. By keeping my body healthy, whole & happy I am serving all.
  22. I am grateful for this practice of healthy Spirit & healthy body.
  23. My body’s health reflects my commitment to Self-love.
  24. Self-love completes the circle.
  25. Loving my Self is loving all as we are all connected.
  26. Self-love is a way to stay aware of the state of grace I am in.
  27. My body represents my brother, my neighbor & my self.
  28. Extending love to my body automatically extends love to my brother & my neighbor.
  29. My body is a two-way communications device.
  30. My body can communicate love to my self & to my brother.
  31. Loving my body allows me to demonstrate & practice loving my neighbor.
  32. My body will tell me exactly what it needs.
  33. My body also tells me exactly what it wants.
  34. I listen & give my body what it asks for.
  35. Giving my body what it does NOT need or want blocks my awareness of loving my body.
  36. It is easy to give my body what it needs.
  37. My body quickly rewards me by responding with feeling good or bad.
  38. When my body feels good, I feel good.
  39. Why I feel good, my body feels good.
  40. My body loves light, water, nourishment & movement.
  41. I can easily give these things (light, water, nourishment & movement).
  42. Inflammation blocks my ability to listen to by body.
  43. Inflammation creates an emergency listening need.
  44. Inflammation is my body screaming to get my attention.
  45. I need but listen.
  46. As I pay whole attention to my body’s signals I learn to communicate my love to my self.
  47. Communicating love to my self supports listening.
  48. Listening supports awareness.

    Love supports all.

    Love supports all.

  49. Awareness supports peace.
  50. Peace supports Love.
  51. Love supports all.
  52. There is always enough time to love my self.
  53. There is always enough time to love my body.
  54. When I feel “there is not enough time” I send an alarm signal to my body.
  55. I need to notice how often I think this thought.
  56. “There is not enough time” is not a true thought.
  57. When this thought shows up I can extend love in the form of reminding myself of “loaves & fishes time”.
  58. I always have plenty of time.
  59. Eternity of make up of loaves & fishes time.
  60. Loaves & fishes time is made up of eternity.
  61. I need but ASK to be reminded of my eternal nature.
  62. The Universe is kind.
  63. Therefore what is the Universe is comprised of is kind.
  64. Therefor time is kind.
  65. Time is just one way of looking at eternity.
  66. When I extend love to time, time extends love to me.
  67. When I extend love to my body, my body extends love to me.
  68. Whenever I feel pain, tiredness, itching or exhaustion I know it is time for a deep drink of self-love.
  69. I notice my body & its signals.
  70. I quickly sink into my heart & listen to what is being asked.
  71. I respond in loving-kindness.

    easy as pi

    I need but listen.

  72. I can love my body as myself.
  73. My body is a gift I give my self.
  74. My body is a gift for it is a built in communication practice of love.
  75. My body has a happy size, weight & structure, which I love & honor.
  76. I have no need of chastising, ignoring or mistreating my body.
  77. I have no need of mistreating, chastising or ignoring my self.
  78. As I love my self, so I love my brother.
  79. I look closely at what my body is saying about me.
  80. My body gives me clues on how I listen, follow & give to my own heart’s desires.
  81. I can listen & hear what my body need before it falls into great dis-ease,
  82. All dis-ease begins with lack of awareness of my natural wholeness.
  83. Dis-ease is speaking to me as well, it is calling for love.
  84. Extending love to dis-ease leads me to an awareness of connected wholeness.
  85. As we are all connected, one person’s dis-ease is my own dis-ease. Again love is called for.
  86. Let love bring us all to ease.
  87. I am at ease with my Spirit & my body.
  88. The more at ease I am with my Self, the more at ease I am with my body.
  89. I have no need of pushing myself.
  90. My Self is already love, strength, peace & joy. I need but listen, honor & follow this truth.
  91. Truth always leads me home.
  92. My body will lead me to the truth if I let it.
  93. My body is a particular form of love & grace that I will not need forever.
  94. My wholeness will release my body at the perfect time.
  95. I am Life, Love, Truth & Joy, by body is one way I can express this truth.
  96. I appreciate exactly where my body is in any given moment.
  97. This gratitude will allow me to use my body to extend & express love. In particular ways.
  98. My self is worthy of my attention, awareness, tenderness & love.
  99. My body is worthy of my attention, awareness, tenderness & love.
  100. Loving my self is loving my brother is loving my neighbor is loving my wholeness is loving my health is loving me.



  1. I love this!!!! so powerful and loving. The divine wisdom we have inside is always breathtaking. Thank you for sharing. I am printing these off for my own reminders!

    • This 90-Day Gig is going to be breathtaking AND breathgiving!!! xoxo

  2. Are you going to do “100 things” everyday? Seems like it would be very meditative to write. I know it was to read. Like giving my spirit a little massage.

    • Oooo, giving your spirit a massage! How delicious. I hadn’t thought to do it every day but it is very meditative to write. Thanks for the idea! Love you, xoxo

  3. Absolutely beautiful, Eva. Definitely helped to massage my spirit and soul, too!

    • Thank you sweetheart……Holy Spirit; all vegan, all the time;) xoxo

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