10. Day 7: Peace, Quiet & Jet Lag

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10. Day 7:  Peace, Quiet & Jet Lag

Sometimes the infinite nature of Love feels scary.  I am thrilled of course that Love is infinite, all powerful and ever present; ready, willing and able to be, forgive and comfort.  But sometimes I need and want just the very teeniest of Love’s expressions; a look, stillness, a breath.

The idea of BIG LOVE or even extending a quality of love can seem too much, overhwelming and not-enough all at the same time.

This must be the time for utter stillness…..presence……….being………

I am…………………………..is enough.

I am finding that coming home after such an epic trip I am needing great swathes of stillness and quiet.  Thank goodness jet lag is waking me up at 3 or 4am each day.  I am noticing that feelings of fear itself all but disappear in complete stillness.  Perhaps fear is just motion? movement?  expression?  Stillness holds it all.

I will leave you with a deep breath, a bow of gratitude for you taking time to read this and a prayer for the blessing of peace and quietude for you today.

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