10. Day 6: A Better Question

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10. Day 6:  A Better Question

I noticed yesterday if I felt the feeling of fear (tightness, churlishness or emptiness) I immediately wanted to know “of what“, like I must have something I am afraid of  or it is not justified.  Perhaps a better question would be “What am I not loving?” instead of “What am I afraid of?”

Right now I am not loving the possibility that we have forgotten important procedural information after not using it for so long.  I am not loving that there is still a mess of books, postcards, gifts to mail, receipts etc. on the dining table.  I am not loving that the upheaval of the storm (that caused the flood in the office) has left us offline to varying degrees in the house.

In other words, it is time to go back to basics and gratitude. Gratitude reminds me of all that is fully present for me and in me right now.  Somehow seeking the story of why I am feeling fear can postpone extending love which always makes me feel better.  Today and this month I am letting go of the story of “of what” following noticing fear and just starting to love something, anything, in my awareness in the moment.  The letting go of the story of fear is kind of a big deal for me.  I will have to let you know how it goes.  I do love a good story.

Next time you are feeling sad, or cross or your chest feels tight or you feel left out, just start extending love right then and there without seeking to find out what you are fearful of.  Oddly, the extending love in the face of not-love brings me immediately to guidance which then leads me out of fear and back into my own heart.


  1. Yes, “What am I not loving?” There is such an energy of union in that question…all encompassing ONENESS…being ONE with all that shows up in our lives… such an important reminder for me, thanks for sharing your experience of this…

    Moving out of the story has been of value to me too! I can be in the audience and still enjoy the “movie” without identifying it as who I am…

    Gratitude was my word for the week a few weeks ago, Holy Spirit started a “vocabulary program” with me, I guess I need some enriching and came to understand that GRATITUDE IS ABUNDANCE…at least for me…

    Much love to you Eva and much gratitude for your continued insightful sharing…

    • Great to hear from your heart Sally! Gratitude IS abundance! I love it:) xoxo

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