10. Day 5: Love Fear For Itself

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10. Day 5:  Love Fear For Itself

Getting started with extending love to “fear itself” today and asked Holy Spirit where to start.

HS: The best way way to deal with fear of fear itself is to love fear for itself and to let is guide you right back to your own loving heart.

Notice and express the difficulty/ misstep/fear then be with it in awe and wonder. Extend a quality of love to this feeling of not-love.

Me:  Today I feel excited butterflies as we return to a work day.  There is a feeling of resistance (“Oh, can’t I have one MORE day off…..”) and a feeling that wants to rush ahead (and get it over with).

Oh.  I need to sit still right now and just be with the flips and turn my chest is making and the engine revving my mind is making.

HS:  Breathe.

In breath/ exhale

In breath/ exhale

In breath/ exhale

Me: Ahhhhhhhhh……………………thank you!

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