10. Day 29: First I Judge

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10. Day 29: First I Judge

My desire to judge a situation as hurtful-therefore-I-must-fix-this was revealed yesterday.  I am seeing today, that the first thing that happens is that I judge a thing as hurtful to someone. I could just stop at “first I judge”, the “what I judge” is much like the “of” as in what am I afraid “of”.  It is the fear itself all over again.  Judgement is fear.  Full stop.

I could make a case for “because I am aware of this hurt I am supposed to do something about it”.  The thing that eludes me is the fact that I am skipping over all together the idea that this is not actually my business, at least not here and now.  It could become my business if it affected my work or home or personal peace, but right now I am just trying to get in someone else’s business.  Oh.  I guess I never thought of it that way.

Here is something else I realized along the way: when there is an unpronounced hurt that I cannot affect, it makes me feel less-than.  There.  That is really where I go awry. This perceived hurt of another makes me feel less-than.  Huh?  I guess this is why judging muddies the water. I continued extending love to the thought “I must repair, fix, guide, deal with this [problem of another]”.

I extend tenderness, ease and trust to this thought.

I extend quiet, omnipresence, and willingness to this thought.

When I got to extending omnipresence (a quality of Love I have never extended before) I felt something open up inside me that literally created an unexpected sense of grace and spaciousness.  These words just poured forth from Holy Spirit.

HS:  I am not divided; I am Wholeness itself.


I AM Moving Outwards!

I am not divisive; I am Holiness in All.

I am not the ruler; I am the rule of Love.

I am not the gift; I am the gifted.

I am not the goody-two-shoes; I am the Goodness who can occasionally wear & enjoy shoes.

I am not the one who must decide; I am the decision to love, love and love some more.

I am not the one who must choose sides; I am the One who is only One.

I am not the one who must sort out a fairness for all; I am the freedom of Love which is always fair to all in all things.

I am not the one who could be left out; I am the one who will always include my Self and Heart in all considerations.

I am not being punished; I am witnessing a miracle unfolding.

I am not the cause of the disquiet; I am the Quiet that can hold all things.

I am not unsettled; I am Moving Outwards.

Fear not for I am with thee.  Be not dismayed for I am thy God.

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