10. Day 26: Monday, Thy Name Is Ugh

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10. Day 26:  Monday, Thy Name Is Ugh

Here is the truth-ish…..I don’t want to be in this moment.  Or rather I don’t think I want to be in this moment.  It is Monday.  The weekend was full, delightful and I need another day of rest. How does Monday roll around so regularly?  There is nothing onerous I have to do today, the usual maintenance to business, home and life yet I feel a weary resistance to being right here, right now.  I would suggest extending love to Monday and to now but I am feeling too mulish for that.  I would consider just being.  Though in this moment, it feels like being comes with a price-tag and my purse is empty.  Holy Spirit, feel free to step in here……..

HS:  Dearest One,

Do not fret.  This day is a day like any other.  A day is a day is a day. Each day I love you and you try to remember this.  No matter if you are giving a presentation, going to a funeral, mopping the floor or giving birth.  Today is the day that you have chosen amongst days for your greatest joy.  Today is the day I have chosen amongst days to give you as a treasure which reveals itself to you when you give me the task of unwrapping it.

.......even Mondays.

…….even Mondays.

Dear one, give me your day and days and I will give you your joy and joys.  It is not yours to make this day what it is, it is for you to step back and see how perfect it already is, without any pushing, shoving or manipulating it into the shape you were expecting.  Allow the ease and wonder with which you allow yourself on the weekend or on holiday to come with you on Monday and indeed every day.  

Today is the day that the Lord hath made, we will rejoice and be glad in it.  

This is the day.  

This is the day that Love hath made.

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