10. Day 23: Someone Radically Blessed

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10. Day 23:  Someone Radically Blessed

I have always felt blessed throughout my life.  Even in the desert times, the uncertain times or the plainly ridiculous God-you’ve-got-to-be-kidding-? times.  I am not unfamiliar with both blessing and feeling blessed.  Yesterday, though, I read my current favorite book, “A Year Without Fear” and came across a wonderful new edge to my view of blessing.  The quote was a reminder that our own preciousness is far more powerful and less compromised when we do not judge others.  Of course none of us see ourselves as judging others but I was exposed to the nub because though I consider myself blessed I often see others as not so blessed.  The words that opened the eyes of my heart were these:

“Perhaps you have forgotten that you are precious and always assisted by Something Radically Wise. Forgive and cherish who you are. See yourself as powerfully blessed, and you will see the beauty in others.”——Jan 22, “A Year Without Fear: 365 Days of Magnificence”, Tama Kieves

I love the phrase “Something Radically Wise” to name God/The Universe/Oneness that upholds, cares for and lovingly guides us all.  I immediately got a picture not just of wisdom and kindness but a force and presence that would pull out all the stops, in every way conceivable for my joy and goodness.  What instantly came to mind was this answer, almost like a call and response:

Someone Radically Blessed

We are all Someone Radically Blessed!

We are all Someone Radically Blessed!

Not only was Something Radically Wise working always on my behalf but that the recipients of such largesse would by definition have to be considered “Someone Radically Blessed”.  I think the shift for me was seeing EVERY Someone as Radically Blessed, not just myself. To tell you the truth seeing yourself blessed individually is Kindergarten blessing.  Sure, it is easy to see and feel blessed when you have great parents, a husband who listens and children who communicate regularly with you.  It is a walk in the park to feel blessed when you are surrounded by people who love you, trust you and listen to you all the while you have a flush toilet, a refrigerator full of food and a little extra money in the bank.  No. What hit me yesterday, in full force, (maybe because I was in such an deep and open place remembering the death of my Mother) was the notion of a wider truth that we are ALL RADICALLY BLESSED right where we stand. How could God (who loves us so much He gave His treasured Son to show us the depth of His radical willingness) NOT be letting flow the most radical of blessing at all times to each of His children.  It is only our slow, baby step perspective that says to us only the good stuff is blessing.  How could the bad stuff not be blessing too??? What we think of as bad stuff (pain, betrayal, unexpected bills, illness, humidity) just can’t be an aberration or the fact that the Universe has stepped out back for a smoke.  No way.  We are Radically Blessed at all times.  The bad stuff, the really bad stuff and the unspeakably bad stuff wakes us to the real moment we are in like nothing else can.  Only here, in this moment we are in can the true depth of our Radical Blessing unfold before our very eyes.

The crowds at Picadilly Circus Station

Yes, EACH ONE of us is Radically Blessed.

Those of us who have been around enough years can already see in our own lives, even without benefit of revelation that it was, indeed, in our darkest hour that our heart and soul revealed itself to us in a deeper, more personal way and that even then, perhaps especially then, in the dark uncertainly we knew, knew, we were most certainly being held lovingly, guided and cared for by Something Radically Wise.


  1. Radically Awesome message!
    Your commitment to this process has surely opened the (unlocked) gates of heaven for such magnificent awareness.
    Blessings and Love and Gratitude!!

    • Holy Spirit surely hired you as just voice of encouragement to speak at each and every moment when I needed to be reminded of the purpose and joy of this process! Thank you and thank you dear friend, xoxox

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