10. Day 22: She Went Home Four Years Ago Today

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10. Day 22:  She Went Home Four Years Ago Today

“My Mother, My Self”

Some times the grieving

goes on for years

before the last goodbye.

The daily loss of life and living

one less capability and memory

little sense or truth

yet love continued to shine

in, through, beyond.

Hugging my Mama & Daddy!

Hugging my Mama & Daddy!

I was almost too tired,

worn and depleted to see it.

But then gratitude would

wash over me and clean

me inside and out

and I would give thanks

for one more hour with Mother.

She has been gone from

this life, this earth and street

four years ago today.

Here’s God’s honest truth;

I rarely miss her

A lady always carries a good handbag.

A lady always carries a good handbag.

(and I have been known to miss anything from the sound

of the children chewing to egg nog lattes)

mostly, because she never left

at all.

When I do miss her is is a fresh keening,

an irrepressible new grief all over again.

Mother’s life force

her chi

her heart

her fierce devotion

The joy of Mother remains in my heart.

The joy of Mother remains in my heart.

to God and family

her arched brow

her kindness

and her deep love for me


a final electric blessing

of the ages

Then she drew her last breath.

We were joined

in death

in a way

that makes

life laugh.

Because life knows

there is no death.

No. Not ever.


  1. Dear Eva, I loved your mothers poem. It is precious! Thanks for the reminder. I loved her very much and always thought she was a beautiful woman inside and out! She always made me feel special when growing upp; no matter how much I felt like an ugly duckling by the time she finished talking I walked away feeling treasured! I loved being called “tiny” by her. Sweet memories! God bless you as you walked thru many memories. Yes, she deeply loved YOU!

    • Dearest Renee, thank you for sharing your memories of Mother. What a treasure we have in our family! Love you, xoxo

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