10. Day 20: When Silence Calls

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10. Day 20:  When Silence Calls

I love fog.  It is a visible quiet, a presence that surrounds and muffles.  Yesterday it added to a day that needed simple things; ironing, dishes washed, beds made, letters written.  I noticed that each task was a meditation of sorts.  A singular action I could focus on and fall in behind in meditation.  My deep need for meditative silence was calling me in every way it could. Eventually I listened and put down my tools of housekeeping and gave myself up to the silence alone.

“I Had A Dream”

I finally gave in

to the silence

which had been calling

to me all day

Be here with me darling

no need to speak

no need to listen either

just be


take up space

see the wrinkles smooth

as you press the hot iron close

let your silence

smooth your thoughts

now a blank canvas

waiting for


happy being here

in the silence

aware of your own

beating heart

speaking to mine

Here we are one


Let the silence hold you in its arms and caress your heart.  Do not be afraid of silence, it is your friend.  Allow the silence to do its good work.  Open to it.  It longs to give you the rest you crave, if you but head the call.  Go ahead, give yourself a few moments of silence right now and just breathe deeply.  You need do nothing.


  1. Could feel the deep peace of your silence….ahhhh…

    • Peace is so delicious it must be shared:) xoxo

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