10. Day 17: Then There Were Three

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10. Day 17:  Then There Were Three

“The Leaving”

Both were on planes flying east

gone from our sight

yet not from our hearts

The leaving left a prick at the back of my throat

tears too weary to shed waited for acceptance

This is the cruel evidence I manufacture

to try to tell myself separation is real

Forgetting that we are One in Him

that Love is all we are

scattered to the four corners

SO we will remember

that home in the Wholeness of our truth

is the only place

we want to be

The tears come

I have remembered

I am home here, too


  1. “Parting is such sweet sorrow” …. I too have this fear – and tears – of goodbyes. It is the love we feel that makes the sorrow so great. We cannot have one without the other. If those we love never went away, we would never feel that joy when they return. It is a tender balance. I feel your pain. But “Tout passe”. (And like the pedant I am, I have now removed the acute accent from that “e” 3 times and dared it to return ….)

    • Tout passe indeed! A pain shared is love shared. Thank you for sharing it with me. xoxo

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