10. Day 14: A Year Without Fear

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10. Day 14:  A Year Without Fear

One of my finds of the new year is a wonderful book called “A Year Without Fear” by Tama Kieves.  Ms. Kieves has been a favorite author of mine for years ever since I read her first book “This Time I Dance” her story of going to Harvard Law School, graduating with honors and ultimately leaving her law practice to pursue the desires of her heart.  Naturally I was mesmerized.  Her newest book, “A Year Without Fear” is not unlike my blog.  It is a daily dose of love and fearlessness to remind you that you are love and to embrace whatever is in front of you with the love that you are.  I must admit I did have a little heart curl and a brief fluttering of thoughts like “Oh no!  Somebody else wrote my book!” and “I’m too late.” etc.  One delicious read of January 13 cured me.

“January 13:  You cannot listen to self-judgment and your Inspired Self at the same time.  Self-judgment doesn’t make you stronger.  It makes your fear stronger.  Let go of self-judgment—by realizing it is never telling you the truth—and clarity and joy will emerge.  Take the nurturing road.  It’s the only way to inspired power.

Today, I remember that when I’m listening to self-judgment, I cannot hear the voice of Guidance.“—————-“A Year Without Fear” by Tama Kieves

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“A Year Without Fear” is something to cock-a-doodle-doo about!

This book is filled with love, honesty and holiness at every turn.  It reminds me to go within, trust and listen to my Holy Spirit.  It is entirely true that I cannot hear the voice of Guidance while I am entertaining fear.  When I extend love to my fear I am making a conscious choice to choose love and guidance over fear and confusion.  So extending love to the fear itself  (without the story) is all about growing my awareness to what I am feeling and experiencing and asking for help and guidance when I am in a muddle.  Help is always there, in every moment, I need but pause a moment, breathe, and ask.

Thank you Tama Kieves for this treasure of a book.  365 Days of Magnificence indeed!

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