10 Day 13: 100 Reasons Why Debt Is My Friend

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10 Day 13:  100 Reasons Why Debt Is My Friend

Just the word debt makes me shrink and tighten.  I get internally what a teenage friend of my girls’ once called “sphincter face”.  You know, the face you make when you see one of those terrible accidents unfolding on a You Tube video or when you take a big bite out of a lemon.  This is the epitome of tighten, resist and STOP the flow (of thought, or feeling, of life).  As this blog and my year of Twelvemonth of Self Love is all about extending love to my thoughts I was shown yesterday that I have a whopping area that I allow Love’s Presence to be blocked and that is debt.  So let’s let Holy Spirit and Love flow and see how we might chuck a whole lotta love at debt and my fear of debt.

100 Reasons Why Debt Is My Friend

  1. Debt exists.  I exist.
  2. Debt is.  I am.
  3. God doesn’t lie.
  4. I have everything I need.  Always.
  5. Debt is another way to see.
  6. Love sees everything as love.
  7. Debt is an opportunity to go deeper.
  8. Debt means me no harm.
  9. Debt has qualities and colors as does love.
  10. I need not fear.
  11. I can ask Holy Spirit what debt is for.
  12. Debt is for the purpose of remembering who you are.
  13. If you are love, there can be no circumstance in which you find yourself that is not saturated with love.
  14. Debt, too, is saturated with love.
  15. Feel this now.
  16. Do not resist the idea that love is fully present in this form called debt.
  17. Debt is only a blockage when you decide not to see love.
  18. Let debt show you the way right back into your heart of hearts.
  19. You are always worthy.
  20. Debt does not ever affect your worthiness in any way.
  21. You are worthy of seeing Love in all things.
  22. Pause now and give thanks for this debt.
  23. It does not matter how debt is accrued.  All debt is worthy of love.
  24. Debt is only a pile of thoughts that has not been accepted in some way.
  25. Debt is not the truth about you.
  26. Debt is but calling you to look and listen.
  27. Let debt do its good work without resistance.
  28. You are my precious child in all circumstances.
  29. Feel free to ask me the way through this thing called debt.
  30. You are never alone, abandoned or forgotten.
  31. I am here, with you, at all times and in all things.
  32. We forgive debt because it is not the truth.
  33. We forgive those who trespass against us because this too is not the truth about our brother.
  34. Allow debt space to work.
  35. This is a good time to give thanks.
  36. Ask yourself “What thoughts do I store in order not to think about?”
  37. Debt is but a store of these thoughts.
  38. What is it you most do not want to think about?
  39. Give these thoughts to me.
  40. These thoughts do not worry me in any way.
  41. Thoughts cannot hurt me.
  42. A thought is just another way to begin to see Love is always the answer.
  43. Allow your thoughts time, space and plenty of light.
  44. Each thought gives you the opportunity to love again.
  45. Let me guide back into awareness of your wholeness.
  46. Debt appears separate from you yet it is not.
  47. Include debt as part of you.
  48. Notice what it is; where it came from; how it will go.
  49. You are not paying debt as much you are simply giving it what it needs.
  50. As you give the debt what it needs in the form of payment, give thanks for this temporary loan of energy debt afforded you.
  51. As you are aware of your own energy you can generate all that you need without a loan of energy.
  52. Financial debt is one kind of debt.  A very common form.  It is a way of denying the present.
  53. Paying the debt back is a way of reclaiming the present moment.
  54. As you repay you have the opportunity to give thanks for both the loan and the means to repay.
  55. When you do not see there is the means to repay remember you have everything you need and to ASK me for guidance.
  56. You accrue debt in bite size pieces; you will repay it in bite size pieces.
  57. There are times when another will repay the debt for you.  You may still give thanks.
  58. Learning to extend love each step of the way will remind you that you are love always, and in all circumstances.
  59. Having debt does not make you less than love.
  60. Hating/ignoring/denying debt blocks your awareness of love and the wholeness that you are.
  61. Allow you self to look fully into the face of debt.  How much is it?  What color is it?  What gift of experience did it bring to you?
  62. Emotional debt is another form of debt.
  63. Borrowing emotions from others does not allow you to see your own emotion.
  64. In order to repay this form of debt you must allow your heart to open and your eyes to see exactly where you are in this moment.
  65. Keep asking yourself “How do I feel now?”, “What do I need right now?”, “What do I need to do next?”
  66. In this way you are reacquainting yourself with your own heart, feelings and guidance.
  67. Remember debt is another way to take you home.  It is not home.
  68. Do not fear debt.  I am with you.
  69. If you choose to live without debt let your solvency be a path to remember the truth about you.
  70. Ask for guidance, truth, and awareness of love to illuminate your path.
  71. Whether debt is present or not you can welcome true and present seeing of your circumstances (how does your money go in and out; are there different choices you would like to make?)
  72. All things are used to point toward the truth.
  73. If debt is not the truth about you, what is the truth about you?
  74. Pause and ask yourself right now;  what is the truth about me?
  75. Be willing to ask and ask again to have your eyes open to the truth about you.
  76. You will be most certainly shown.
  77. Denying any part of you will lead to pain and suffering.
  78. Denying debt leads to pain and suffering.
  79. Acknowledging, allowing, welcoming the facts and facets of debt will anchor you to the present.
  80. Solutions are only available in the present.
  81. If a solution appears in the past or future it is not a solutions for this moment.
  82. This moment is where your peace can be found.
  83. Right here is where your joy and strength are.
  84. Everything you need to be is already here.
  85. Guidance is always available to you.
  86. It is your willingness to ask that will set you free into the present moment.
  87. Asking declares openness to solution.
  88. Asking allows a new perspective to be revealed.
  89. Asking reminds you that you are not alone.
  90.  Listening allows you to hear guidance.
  91. Be prepared to sit quietly and listen.
  92. If you hear no guidance then listen and wait.
  93. I will surely lead you through your heart.
  94. Your heart cannot lie to you.
  95. You can deny, ignore or distrust your heart but you cannot change the truth.
  96. Your heart holds the truth about you.
  97. The truth is you are perfect in every way.  You are beloved, treasured and worthy of all good.
  98. You are the goodness of your heart.
  99. Your heart knows the way home.
  100. Your heart is your true home.

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