1. Day 9: Extending Love to My Self

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1. Day 9:  Extending Love to My Self

Today I am stuck in the sinking mire of doubt.  I feel pulled down by a flattening energy drain.

I extend optimism and light to this thought.

I am willing to be free from “stuck” because I am willing to extend love in whatever form “stuck” needs until flow is reestablished.

This writing and expressing my own holiness is not fearful, it is how many will awaken to their holiness within.  The joy and wonder we each feel is multiplied exponentially in all.  The Oneness is beginning to make sense.  The Force of Willingness is no longer feared.

I am light and free in my own body.  I nourish myself in truth; I want what feels good; only what I need, and tastes good to me.  I am aware of what tastes and feels good, alive and juicy.

I love juicy in all ways:  food, drink, and conversation, living, loving, resting & giving.

I let juicy flow through me even as it nourishes and wakes the Juicy Presence I am.

I am delighted in each one I meet.  I allow, accept and cherish their own experience of themselves and of me as I do my own experience of Self and my brother.

I am responsible only for noticing and directing the Juicy within me.

Juicy IS:  loving, being in peace, trusting, seeing All-IS-One, expressing truth, allowing my brother’s truth, the power and juice is within me not in a circumstance, giving myself what I want/need

Not-juicy is:  complaining, judging, ignoring, thinking someone else meets my needs, blaming my self or others, not noticing what I want/need

What if I didn’t worry about the sinking?

What if this is a natural part of the creative process?

How can I use the sinking?


HS:   Take inventory and give thanks.  I am not a project.

You have chosen to embark on an intentional experience of looking closely at your Self.

Feel first.

Feel into the space that holds all selfs.

Feel into the ever-present knowing that is always available to you.

Not knowing form and being present with this is connecting to the Knowing.

Be not afraid.

Intention serves Purpose.

Your value is not determined on the basis of your intention.

Intention is a power sphere of creation.


Today I finish with a quote from “Silence and the Soul: Awakening Inner Wisdom” by Ellen Miller and Gary Sherman:

 “Opening and receiving is allowing your Self to give you what you have inside of you.  This is worth sharing with others.”

This is what I am doing in this blog.


  1. You go girl! I love that you have a Juicy & Not Juicy list!

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