1. Day 13: Loving Circle of Care

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1. Day 13:  Loving Circle of Care

Holy Spirit and I look in the mirror together:

HS:  Dearest One,

I see a woman who has spent her whole life loving and caring for others; dolls, friends, teachers, parents, husband, children, members, clients and now is discovering that one person was left out of that loving circle of care.

You, your Self, and I Am.

Dearest One, you have done nothing wrong by caring for others or for forgetting your own dear Self.  The real Beauty here is that you did hear your Self calling and you answered.

This is where the real juice is for this is where memory and future become one, this is where the ease of life and uncomplicated nature of Love come together.  We are One—I am in you and with you always and forever.

You can spend your whole life completely unaware of this and that is perfectly ok.  However, since you have answered the call of your own Heart, let us explore together and share what we find.

(I have chills cascading down from the top of my head down my back and all down the backs of my legs; it feels as if these chills and tingles must be dripping onto the floor now.)

HS:  From this space look again at your list of reasons you may give to not see your Self.  What do you notice?

Me:  It seemed pretty obvious right away that they all felt the same, they are all thoughts.

HS:  Does a thought have its own power?

Me:  Hmmmm, well, they seem to, but really it doesn’t feel like a thought actually has its own power.

HS:  So when you are able to recognize “this is a thought”, what can you do?

Me:  I guess first I can remember that the thought doesn’t have its own power (I never thought of that) and I could extend love to the thought (or thoughts).

HS:  In extending love to your thoughts what do you experience?

Me:  I remember I am love.  I remember that fears are thoughts too.  I feel grounded open, spacious and ready to in willingness ask for guidance.

HS:   Let’s practice extending love to the 20 [reasons for breaking commitment]

Sneaky Thoughts

Sneaky Thoughts

ME:  I extend attentiveness to these thoughts.

Suddenly, I see the thoughts as having arrived tired and dusty on a bus from Mexico, maybe they are looking for work or a better life.  By being attentive to their presence and needs I can easily send them on their way.

HS:  What do these thoughts have in common?

Me:  Other peoples needs

Previous commitments,

My own needs


HS:  Let us look at need together.

Me:  (I feel sick again, scared and stupid too.)

HS:   Fear not.

Need is simply a word that describes a particular kind of energy, when you learn to recognize it you will not longer feel compelled to automatic action without hearing from your heart first.

Me:  (Big breath, sigh……) Ok.

HS:  Need is a perceived lack in an individual, a structure or a body.  There is nothing wrong with need.  It is the “ebb” in ebb and flow.  This pulling, withdrawing energy can redirect energy where it can flow for the greatest benefit for all.  A need is an announcement, an opening, a call for love.

When you become adept at recognizing that need is a call for love then you will be able to simply go within and ASK:  What quality of love can I share here?  What feels strong, juicy and clear in my heart?

“Need” as you have allowed it to be in the past was how you abandoned your own heart.  This is perfectly normal.  For you still saw the world as separate beings.  Now that you are beginning to trust the Oneness fully present in all you realize as you are attentive, true and faithful to your own heart so will the love flow to your brother exactly as needed for all.

Me:  (I feel spacious, trusted and relaxed.  Thank you.)



  1. Wow! Spot on for me! If you are familiar with the Enneagram “2” energy, (which is my fixation) then it becomes clear that “other people’s needs” have been like a black hole or addiction that sucks us in, and may cause martyrdom, resentment, etc.
    Your post today is a delicious tonic for that ailment.
    Let me see other’s needs as a call for love that does not obligate me to save or fix or fulfill their perceived need.
    I can be guilt-free as I extend love to myself as I perceive and/or misperceive unfulfilled needs in the “world” (which just may be a projection of unconscious needs of mine to be loved back).
    Great job, Dear Sister!!
    Blessings and Love,

    • Thanks for comment Jill. I have a feeling “other people’s needs” might have been one of the earliest candidate for substance abuse.

  2. Since Jeremy was born in 2007, people have been telling me that I need to take time for Me, and that the surest way to be the best mom and wife is to remember to take care of me. Even my husband was encouraging me to do this. I actually ignored this advice for a long time, long enough to make me become a person I really never wanted to be, because the mom gene kicked in and told my brain otherwise… I was stressed, short tempered (sometimes!), tired, and just in constant “go” mode. I reached a point, just a couple years ago, that I realized I couldn’t do that anymore and I decided that it really is ok to put me first sometimes. WOW what a difference it makes! The old adage that say you cannot take care of anyone else unless you take care of yourself is totally true.

    Eva, on another note, so much of my new way of thinking has been in many ways subliminal, or even via osmosis!, just by being around you and in your home for these few years… I’ve adopted the Extend Love philosophy at a more conscious level, and am applying it towards the way I raise my kids and treat my husband. Life is wonderful…

    • Dear Andrea, I am so happy you are remembering your own preciousness! Extending love kind of sneaks in everywhere becase we ARE LOVE! Thanks for sharing your wonderful comments:D

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