1. Day 11: Be Soft with the Fear

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1. Day 11:  Be Soft with the Fear

Most days begin with my awareness of the thought “something is not quite perfect” or “I’m tired”.  Usually their needs are obvious.  This morning, however, I was confronted with unnamed fear and a feeling of lack of safety. Here is what Holy Spirit said:

HS:  Gently invite your fears to come and tell you what they most need you to know.  All this timing is to be as it is.  There is no need to force timing when your intention is already set.  The intention creates the welcoming safety that will gently draw out your fears and concerns and unseen feelings.

Sometimes when I am stuck I interview my husband on a topic that is hanging around in my mind (today this is fear vs. safety), this seems to get the flow moving.  This brief interview illustrates neatly the idea of inviting a fear to tell you what they need.  Weirdly, even speaking to your fear through other people works when you set the intention of inquiry into truth.


Me:    What do you feel about SAFE?

My Sweetheart:  Safe is boring.  I make my own safety.

Me:  What about trauma?

My Sweetheart:  It is important not to think about it.  You can work through it and then forget it.

My Sweethearts

My Sweethearts

Me:  Have you ever felt unsafe?

My Sweetheart:  I have felt danger, which I figure is a temporary state.  In my head I hear:  “This too shall pass.”

Me:  What makes you tired?

My Sweetheart:  Darkness, boredom.

Me:  When do you feel boredom?

My Sweetheart:  I don’t typically.

Me:  What is peace to you?

My Sweetheart:  Not being asked questions!


Thus ended the interview and miraculously I felt buoyant, open and ready to continue deepening into my commitment to Self Love.

HS finished with this gem:

HS:  Without Self Love, Love is incomplete and you will seek and search and long for what seems always out of reach.   Self Love is the beginning of ALL-LOVE.

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