1. Day 10: Commitment Speaks for Itself

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1. Day 10:  Commitment Speaks for Itself

Last night, I heard (ironically enough while I was cleaning my ear with a Q-tip) this:

Let Commitment speak to you.

I have quieted myself and relaxed into the place of the spacious Presence that loves me.  I breathe and wait.

HS:   Dearest One,  You are ready to hear the heart of commitment.   The heart of commitment speaks for itself.

I am closeness, stillness, and sureness wrapped into one powerful intention.  I am wholly present in witness, breath and unfolding.

I hold an every widening space for glory and wonder.

Commitment is a joy of unspeakable power.  Indeed, the universe experiences the commitment of beauty in stars, galaxies and black holes.

I am a creator of worlds.

Commitment allows an aligning of the powers of the qualities of love in a way that realigns the known universe.

In commitment there are many opportunities to let go, for commitment is firm in the flow of love’s expression and yet allows the form to be created anew each day if allowed.

Imagine each cell and atom and thought within you contains the power and flow of commitment.  Spend time each day feeling this.

Feel your cells, atoms and thoughts aligning in Love’s presence.

Trust this alignment.

Do not be surprised at what can be and is created.

Dearest One, you need not be afraid. I am with you in all things.

Power is only the revealing of that which is already true—fear not.


“Holy Calling”

Holy Calling

Holy Calling


I feel a Holy Calling

That I can almost hear

My longing for the sound of love

I cherish more than fear


Commitment is the truth of me

It is not fake or false.

I am my Self

Now, now, and NOW

My doubts come too, no longer cowering on the shelf


We all sit down at Love’s banquet table

Bride, groom, footman and cook


Commitment is the Love I am

Which lets me off the hook


  1. Powerful message!
    Taking it in.
    In Gratitude,

  2. HI Eva, In reading this post I got chills thinking many of these lines would make beautiful wedding vows. I would love to feel this way about someone and have them feel this way about me…and even the poem would be a lovely reading at a wedding. So lovely, thank you for sharing this.

    • MaryAnn, you do not know how I need to hear this! I have been asked by some dear friends to officiate at their wedding and I have been in much prayer asking Holy Spirit what to share. I never even saw this in that way until you shared. Thank you so much!!! xo

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