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11. Day 18: To Know Thyself In All Your Grace

Posted by on Feb 18, 2015 in All-One, Fear of Success, Holy Dictionary | 6 comments

11. Day 18:  To Know Thyself In All Your Grace

I am about to take a totally new step for me.  I have the opportunity to attend a spiritual writing conference  in Chicago next month.  It includes one of my favorite writers and is produced by a favorite publisher, Hay House.  They are sweetening the deal with an amazing opportunity for writers aspiring to be published (I have just discovered this about myself in this month of looking at success.  EEK!!  I realized I actually do want to publish my work in the form of a book or three).  In addition to learning how to submit work for publication the attendees will actually submit work for...

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10. Day 11: On Blogging Daily & Going Commando

Posted by on Jan 11, 2015 in All-One, Blogging As My Spiritual Practice, Fear of Fear Itself | 0 comments

10. Day 11:  On Blogging Daily & Going Commando

I am only now beginning to glimpse how valuable this daily blog is to me.  I began with guidance, in this case the word “twelvemonth”.  Then twelvemonth revealed itself as a “Twelvemonth of Self Love”.  I already journal daily.  I am also composing a Holy Dictionary with the incredible and beautiful definitions I hear from Holy Spirit.  I write poetry because even my own wordiness gets in my way of expression and only the limits of a poem offers the relief of truth expressed.  I also wrote a blog called Salvation Chronicles when I was first testing out my voice,...

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5. Day 23: Love Is God DNA

Posted by on Aug 23, 2014 in All-One, Blogging As My Spiritual Practice | 0 comments

5.  Day 23:  Love Is God DNA

Today I want to pause and remember why I started this blog and project of extending love to my epic fears.  I had come to the end of a phase of spiritual study and teaching with some dearly beloved friends and was honestly worried I would *lose* my awareness and trust and USE of this powerful Voice of Love that flows through me (that flows through all of us).  I had established a strong and deep practice of daily meditation and writing and a seemingly constant practice of extending love to my thoughts.  But now I was going to do this *alone*. Even five months into this project it is plainly...

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4. Day 5: Full Disclosure

Posted by on Jul 5, 2014 in All-One, Fear of Letting Go, Practices, Veil Sale | 4 comments

4. Day 5:  Full Disclosure

I keep being shown over and over again just how much I HANG ON to everything; thoughts, habits, clothes, email, paperwork etc.  Letting go sounds easy, like how hard would it be to let go of one thing each day?  I am telling you this now.  It makes me feel vulnerable, unprepared, lackadaisical, and like I am cheating somehow.  It also feels really good.  Yikes!  How can these two groups of feeling integrate?  I guess this is what my month of extending love to letting go is all about. I want to explain briefly how I do this blog.  I have several friends who read and are a tad confused.  For...

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3. Day 20: The Day’s Grace

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3. Day 20:  The Day’s Grace

Poetry was one of the first ways I became aware of Holy Spirit‘s Voice of Love within me so it is where I return when my day or life becomes overwhelming, momentous or just uber busy.  These past two weeks have been one of those times.  The haiku below were my quiet time today.  The shifting out of mind and into heart makes my brain feel like when you put your hands in flour, soft and vast yet right here.  It is hard to explain.  I know that the act of writing poetry does something peaceful and meditative and leaves me feeling refreshed, recharged and at-One-ment with Holy Spirit.  ...

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