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3. Day 23: Why Meditate?

Posted by on Jun 23, 2014 in All-One, Practices, Prayer & Intention | 0 comments

3. Day 23:  Why Meditate?

The other day I ran across a brilliant answer to “Why meditate?”  The answer I give most often is “Because it feels good and returns me to peace and wholeness.”, but the answer below gives the “why” behind my feelings of peace, joy and wholeness. “Meditation is how you can consistently pay attention to what is.  This inner feeling, this knowingness, this awareness that begins to arise in you, if consistently paid attention to, will tell you directly all that you need to know.  Inside the space of your body and inside the space of your psyche, there...

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1. Day 7: The Tale of Two Commitments

Posted by on Apr 3, 2014 in All-One, Inner Guidance | 2 comments

1. Day 7:  The Tale of Two Commitments

Every day I come to “Extending Love to Commitment” and something new appears.  Today two commitments faced off.  Which one won?  Keep reading. I have always believed the struggle is not between Good and Evil. The real difficulty that cannot be solved in the mind alone is between Good and Good.  When you begin to see all-is-good then you are really in for a heart lesson. This morning I woke at 5am and still had not decided whether to go to a training event (our business was running for our members) or to stay home for my committed day of writing.  Imagine the face off of two perfectly good...

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